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Lean and P2 Workshops

Seattle, WA
10/28/14 - 10/30/14

Arlington, TX
11/04/14 - 11/06/14

Houston, TX
11/18/14 - 11/20/14




Environmental Management Systems Workshops

Little Rock, AR
10/14/14 - 10/17/14

Arlington, TX
03/03/15 - 03/06/15

Houston, TX
04/07/15 - 04/10/15

Albuquerque, NM
05/12/15 - 05/15/15



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Background and Overview
Reasons for Change
P2 Opportunities
Where To Go for P2 Help
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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
NOTE: [PDF] links require Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

A Simple Guide to Set Up an Environmental Management System
Abstract: Table of contents for a seven-module simple guide that emphasizes leadership roles
Source: Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department

A Simple Guide to Set Up an Environmental Management System: Appoint a Green Manager
Abstract: First module provides suggestions justifying the position, who should fill it, and hints for getting started.
Source: Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department

A Strategic Approach to ISO 14001
Abstract: Discusses the challenge of responding to the new ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standard.
Source: Cleaner Production International LLC

Action Plan for Promoting the Use of Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Abstract: EPA has developed an action plan regarding its commitment to increase efforts to promote the use of environmental management systems (EMS).
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

An Empirical Study of the Impact of ISO 14001 Registration on Emissions Performance [PDF]
Abstract: Results of early research addressing how ISO 14001 influences emissions reduction. 70 facilities in electronics industry used as study group, TRI data used as measure of environmental performance.
Source: University of Oregon Department of Management

Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)
Abstract: The European Union's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a management tool for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance.
Source: European Union Commission for the Environment

EMS & ISO 14000 FAQ
Abstract: Frequently asked questions about environmental management systems (EMS) and the ISO 14000 standard.
Source: North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance

Environmental Management System
Abstract: Contains links to publications, tools, and other resources related to environmental management systems.
Source: Office of Health, Safety, and Security

Environmental Management Systems: An Implementation Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations (2nd Edition)
Abstract: The 201-page primary US EPA manual on EMS, revised in 2001, is intended to provide a plain-English guide to organizations interested in implementing an EMS, using the basic Plan-Do-Check model.
Source: NSF International

Helping Industry Improve its Environmental Performance
Abstract: This guidance document for environmental management systems aims at helping business move beyond compliance with government regulations, as the head of CEC's Law and Policy program reports.
Source: North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation

ISO 14001 Standards for EMS
Abstract: The ISO 14001 standard is intellectual property of the International Organization for Standardization. Copes are available here.

Surviving Supply Chain Integration: Strategies for Small Manufacturers - Introduction
Abstract: This book on supply chain integration looks at this crucial component of business at a time when product design, manufacture, and delivery are changing radically and globally.
Source: Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design

What is an EMS?
Abstract: An environmental management system (EMS) is a systematic approach to dealing with the environmental aspects of an organization.
Source: International Organization for Standards

What is EMAS?
Abstract: The European Union's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a management tool for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance.
Source: European Union Commission for the Environment


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