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Archived: P2Rx no longer updates the narrative information, however the links are maintained.

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Oil and Gas: Acknowledgements
Table of Contents
Background and Overview
P2 Alternatives
Reasons for Change
Pollution Prevention Overview
Where to Go for Help
Complete List of Links

The Southwest Network for Zero Waste would like to extend its appreciation and gratitude to the Texas Railroad Commission, The New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, the Southwest Pollution Prevention Center and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their excellent publications in pollution prevention/waste minimization practices in the oil and gas industry. These publications provided the core information contained in the ?oil and gas exploration and production? topic hub. The Southwest Network for Zero Waste would also like to extend its gratitude to Bart Sims, of the Texas Railroad Commission, for the invaluable data he provided to make this effort a reality.

Primary Bibliographic Sources

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The Zero Waste Network is one of eight Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange P2RxCenters , serving as a national network of regional information centers: NEWMOA (Northeast), WRRC (Southeast), GLRPPR (Great Lakes), ZeroWasteNet (Southwest), P2RIC (Plains), Peaks to Prairies (Mountain), WSPPN (Pacific Southwest), PPRC (Northwest). We are a proud member of the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable.

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