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Following are a set of P2 options you may wish to implement. No option is perfect for everyone, but sometimes options that have worked at one facility can work at yours. They might also serve as inspiration.

Reviewed Oil and Gas - Dehydration Options

Options below have reviewed by pollution prevention specialists. They are commonly recommended and implemented for facilities.

Reduce glycol waste
  • Test regularly to avoid potential problems (e.g., corrosion).
  • Optimize flow rates in the dehydration system.
  • Maintain proper temperatures to avoid hydrocarbon contamination.
Manage filter use
  • Use filterless centrifugal oil cleaning to replace or lengthen oil filter life.
  • Change filters only when necessary. Use differential pressure as an indicator of needed change.
  • Use reusable filters.
  • When handling filters, take precautions to prevent oil spillage.
  • Isolate all drained fluids in a re-sealable container for in-process recycling.
Recycle activated charcoal
Send activated charcoal to recycling facility.
Spent molecular sieve
  • Install activated carbon upstream of the unit to remove corrosion inhibitors, amines, absorber oils, glycol, and other contaminants to extend the life of the sieve.
  • Regenerate for reuse.

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