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Following are a set of P2 options you may wish to implement. No option is perfect for everyone, but sometimes options that have worked at one facility can work at yours. They might also serve as inspiration.

Reviewed Inventory Management Options

Options below have reviewed by pollution prevention specialists. They are commonly recommended and implemented for facilities.

Inventory control
Implement a system to closely track your inventory (the next two options are also good inventory management tools) Many companies spend thousands of dollars on materials they never use. Good inventory management allows older materials to be sold or returned before the expiration date, eliminates double purchases, and increases efficiency and productivity. Aim to achieve “just in time” ordering — ordering supplies only in the quantities needed — to use all of the materials on hand before ordering more.
Bar coding and scanning systems
Bar coding and scanning compliment just in time ordering.
Exchange or return unused chemicals
Consider advertising expired or unusable materials in the TNRCC’s material exchange catalogue, the Resource Exchange Network for Eliminating Waste (RENEW). There is no charge to post an available material, and the catalogue is free from the TNRCC. RENEW is also on the Internet at To order call (512)239-3171 or visit the RENEW web site at the address above.

Unreviewed Options, Use with CautionUnreviewed Inventory Management Options

Options below have not been reviewed by pollution prevention specialists. They are commonly recommended and implemented for facilities.

Increase storage compatibility and organization
All storage located in the same area, no random storage through out hangars. Improve storage monitoring for potential leaks and leak sources.
Only Order What You Need
When ordering hazardous materials and chemicals it is tempting to order more becasue it is cheaper. For example you may only need 20 g of a material. However the manufacturer sells it in 10 g and 100 g units. It cost more to dispose of chemicals than to pay a little extra up front for the quantity needed. Order 2-10 g units instead of the 100 g unless it is a material that can be used for multiple processes.
Obsolete Stock
Identify material that is no longer suitable for sale. Recycle that inventory into new like material batches.
Returns and Reworks
Returns are tested for quality and either dispersed to obsolete stock or returned to inventory to be resold.
Off-Spec Materials
All materials that are formulated and do not meet quality assurance standards are returned to be reworked into alternative products.
Requirements on Vendor Quality
Improve quality of vendor shipped products by giving preference to an ISO9001 registered vendor (when pricing allows), this reduces amount of waste generated by damaged or not built to specification products.
Develop/Implement receiving process procedures
Develop and implement procedures to identify incorrect or damaged raw stock during the receiving process; Items will be returned to vendor, thus reducing costs, lost production time and reducing amount of waste to be disposed onsite.
Reduce or Eliminate rebuilds
Reduce or Eliminate rebuilds which result due to employee in- attention to non-routine specifications noted on work orders. Facility will develop a way to flag unique work orders so that employees will notice items that are different from the usual work order, thus reducing costs, lost productivity and amount of waste generated from tear-offs of incorrectly installed parts.
Sequence Production Runs
Schedule as many similier products to be manufactured to limit clean out of equipment between mixes.
Forklift operation
Employee training on proper forklift driving to reduce damaged goods from forklift incidents.

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