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Unreviewed P2 Options
for the
Bulk Loading and Unloading Process

Following are a set of P2 options you may wish to implement. No option is perfect for everyone, but sometimes options that have worked at one facility can work at yours. They might also serve as inspiration.

Unreviewed Options for Bulk Loading and Unloading

Following are a list of options that have been submitted by users of the pollution prevention planner. They have not been reviewed by pollution prevention specialists.

These options are presented so you can see what people in facilities are considering. As with any option (reviewed or unreviewed) you will have to adapt it to your facility.


Collection & Segregation of Saleable Lineflush

Collect Clean Solvent Line Flush from loading and unloading processes to be sold as usable product and to prevent classification & disposal as waste

Line rinse used in batches

Take line flush/rinse and use to make existing products.

Consolidate Packaging

Repackage more pounds of fewer products by utilizing specialized branches for specific product repackaging and transfering products overnight between branches

Discounting Price of Offspec Material

Selling offspec products to customers at discounted prices and/or giving offspec products to customers


Salvage material that has spilled from rail car doors by sweeping into auger. Any material that has been mixed with other residues, salvage for reformulation into blending process.

Loading/Unloading Activities

1. Block off nearby open drainage ditches until all loading/unloading activities are completed; 2. Construct temporary berms while conducting loading/unloading activities of large quantities of hazardous liquids; 3. Regularly inspect loading areas. Inspect the hoses and transfer connections for evidence of leaks or deterioration; 4. Clean up any spills in accordance with facility spill plan;

Reduced Concrete Waste

1. Precision in batching concrete to amount ordered to reduce residual impacted material. 2. Use reduced lead-impacted material in product, if economically feasible (ie. reduced-lead flyash). 3. Minimize additonal water added to product.

Fugitive Emissions Bulk Consolidation Activities

Control of Fugitive Emissions from Bulk Consolidation Activities using Carbon/Particulate Filters.
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