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Unreviewed P2 Options
for the
Parts Cleaning Process

Following are a set of P2 options you may wish to implement. No option is perfect for everyone, but sometimes options that have worked at one facility can work at yours. They might also serve as inspiration.

Unreviewed Options for Parts Cleaning

Following are a list of options that have been submitted by users of the pollution prevention planner. They have not been reviewed by pollution prevention specialists.

These options are presented so you can see what people in facilities are considering. As with any option (reviewed or unreviewed) you will have to adapt it to your facility.


Evaluate Reusing Solvent

Evaluate the option of reusing parts water solvent by adding a filtration unit on parts cleaner.

Reduce the volume of cleaning chemical used

Isopropyl alcohol is used to remove contaminants from plastic molded parts prior to assembly. Other cleaners have not proven to clean as well. Increased operator training can potentially reduce the volume of waste alcohol generated by making sure alcohol is used until fully loaded with contaminants.

Out-source parts or processes

Evaluate producing the parts in a cleaner environment which may eliminate the need for cleaning prior to assembly.

Parts Washer with Self-Filtering System

The parts washer will filter its solvent to the point that it is changed out less frequently.

Remove parts slowly

To prevent spillage, train employees to remove the parts from the cleaner slowly.

Reuse solvents

Install filtration or distillation units to collect solvent for reuse.

Cleaning Compounds

Parts Cleaner Non-RCRA Acid/Caustic Solution

Parts Washer and Cleaner

Utilize a citrus-based cleaner along with a heating system and filtration device in the parts washing process to reduce emissions, employee exposure and amount of waste generated.
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