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Unreviewed P2 Options
for the
Printing Process

Following are a set of P2 options you may wish to implement. No option is perfect for everyone, but sometimes options that have worked at one facility can work at yours. They might also serve as inspiration.

Unreviewed Options for Printing

Following are a list of options that have been submitted by users of the pollution prevention planner. They have not been reviewed by pollution prevention specialists.

These options are presented so you can see what people in facilities are considering. As with any option (reviewed or unreviewed) you will have to adapt it to your facility.


To install energy efficient lighting retrofits

To install energy efficient lighting retrofits, new energy efficient lighting fixtures, sockets, electronic ballasts, specular reflectors and sensors. This project is the result of a corporate initiative for cost savings. A site survey has been conducted at the plant. With a renegotiated electrical contract, which will reduce our energy consumption by 25% in 2008, this project will add an additional $24M annually in energy savings.

Recycling materials

Recycle inks, solvents. Reduce use to environmental friendly chemicals

Reduce material usage

Efficient scheduling to reduce clean up

Filter Fountain Solution

Install filtration on fountain solution mixing tanks to remove contaminants.

Laser Logo

This option would replace the lead based ink that is currently used with a laser. This would eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of ink that is used

MEK-based Ink Jet Printing

Investigate elimination of MEK based ink jet materials and switch to aqueous based ink jet materials for use in product and packaging identification processes.
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