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Unreviewed P2 Options
for the
Laboratory - Hospitals Process

Following are a set of P2 options you may wish to implement. No option is perfect for everyone, but sometimes options that have worked at one facility can work at yours. They might also serve as inspiration.

Unreviewed Options for Laboratory - Hospitals

Following are a list of options that have been submitted by users of the pollution prevention planner. They have not been reviewed by pollution prevention specialists.

These options are presented so you can see what people in facilities are considering. As with any option (reviewed or unreviewed) you will have to adapt it to your facility.


Anasthetic Equipment Monitoring

question Reduce waste gases by using low-leakage anesthetic equipment and performing daily leak testing.

Reduce Xylene and Mercury

Eliminate all mercury containing products. Recycle, by distillation most of the xylene used in Histology

Substitute for Xylene, Recycle Xylene

Where possible substitute a non toxic material for xylene and recycle xylene where not possible


Replace mercury thermometers with mercury substitute

Substitution of flammable chemicals

Replace flammable solvents where possible


Reduce hazardous waste through stricter waste identification and segregation of hazardous from non-hazardous waste


Feasability study planned to investigate possibility of marketing alcohols/xylene as a product.

Substitute Xylene

Where possible substitute a non toxic material for xylene

Flammable solvent substitution

Replace flammable solvents where technically feasible.
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