Roundtable Conference Call

Roundtable Conference Call

May 29, 2004





Attending were:


Eli Martinez – EPA    

Audrey Miller - ADEQ

Allen Gilliam – ADEQ

Chris Campbell – University of New Mexico, WERC

Erin Murphy - NMED

Michelle Vattano - NMED

Pierre Lichaa TCEQ

Grace Hsieh – TCEQ

Thomas Vinson-Peng – UT Network for Zero Waste


Upcoming events:


May 3-5                      

Texas Environmental Trade Fair and Sustainability Conference

Austin, Texas


May 11, 2004

Border workshop

Laredo, Texas


May 18                       

Green Zia P2 Training

Santa Teresa, New Mexico


September 8-12       

WERC Border Environmental Conference

El Paso, Texas 




  • The states would look at the measurement tool located at:

The username is Test

The password is Test


  • The QA/QC protocol would be out in time for review before the next conference call. Eli and Chris discussed the QA/QC protocols they submitted for last years grant. Since they were approved this time Eli said Chris could use them again.



(taken by Thomas Vinson-Peng  )


Each state briefed the roundtable on the projects underway, and when applicable, what they got from the Baltimore Roundtable.


Chris Campbell – WERC


Held Dental P2 Workshops in Las Cruces, 65 dental assistance and dentists with OSHA sponsored by EPA. 

Held a steering committee for Border Environmental Conferences. please put in your call for abstracts.

Put in for Border 2012 grant, but no word.  Pierre hasn’t heard either.


What Chris got from the conference:  Pleased to see the compliance assistance people there.  Chris was also glad to have energy issues.

Michelle Vattano and Erin Gallup - NMED


Michelle introduced a new P2 staffer (applause!).  Erin Gallup joined the P2 program.  She brings a wealth of knowledge from her background in water and outreach. 


New Mexico just finished Green Zia examiners training.  Getting examiners ready for evaluating programmers.  Clinton Twilley of LDEQ is an examiner.  Another doctoral candidate from University of Massachusetts attended at the recommendation of Bob Pojasek, and may do his dissertation on Green Zia.


Applications for Green Ziaare coming in.  A school and the City of Gallup New Mexico is applying.  These are new types of applicants for the program.


P2 office in partnership with WERC is doing P2 training in Santa Teresa.  Thomas Vinson-Peng of the Zero Waste Network will be participating.


They are also working on a community based guidance program for tribes that they will be happy to share with other states who are dealing with these issues.

Texas – Pierre Licha and Grace Hsieh



Trade Fair May 3-5, 2004


Have an agreement with UT Brownsville to train along the border.  Includes P2 and EMS.

First certified facility for EMS could be soon.

Or the English version


Partnership with national partners on e-waste.

Integrating sustainable practices into trade fair.  Renewable energy, sustainable coffee, and


ROHS and WEE standards.

Arkansas DEQ Audrey Miller and Allen Gilliam


Audrey brought us up to date on the P2 Program

They have ired a consultant to help ADEQ with their EMS.  Management briefing on May 11, and then core training.  Their P2 steering committee is looking for green supplies in their state contracts.  And will propose hybrid electric vehicles and getting a stakeholder group to include Ar Env. Federation. 


For next year H2E workshops. 

They have applied to be a champion.


From the Baltimore:  Enjoyed meeting P2 coordinators and got their viewpoints, frustrations etc…


Allen discussed P2 in the pretreatment programs:


Will be pushing environmentally friendly dentist offices through pretreatment programs.  Need to focus on reduction of mercury. Using pretreatment coordinators as emissaries.


Sending success stories to the Zero Waste Centers.  Sent five success stories, will be focusing on Aluminum. Allen found some new chemistry that will extend the life of the acid bath. Success stories show no more need to dump acid. 


Allen had a pretreatment conference in Las Colinas, Texas.  They are integrating P2 into pretreatment conferences.  P2 is a big part of many pretreatment programs.


He is forwarding some H2E materials from California and his presention on mercury which is useful to alert people to the scope of the problem.

Network for Zero Waste – Thomas Vinson-Peng


Thomas laid out the priorities for the next three years for roundtable members to comment on.  The strategies include:


1.      Coordinate with the regional pollution prevention roundtable to identify key needs for the region’s pollution prevention programs and expand P2 activities in the region.

2.      Continue development of the virtual engineer, which includes the P2 Planner

3.      Provide technical assistance to industries, environmental service providers and others.  Continue Rapid Response Service through the website.

4.      Collect and disseminate P2-related news from around the region.

5.      Work with Zero Waste Network partners to promote use of our website by industries, local governments and other customers.

6.      Conduct at least three training sessions per year on Environmental Management Systems

7.      Through topic hub research and promotion, work with regional partners on projects to green the supply chain for the Auto, Hospital and chemical distribution sectors.     

8.      Expand depth of content in the EMS and POTW topic Hubs

9.      Partner with Chemalliance to develop, publish and promote options for the chemical distribution industry with a focus on homeland security.

10.  Assist regional programs in collection and aggregation of measurement data, and work with national partners to ensure consistency with national developments in the results measurement project.

11.  Collect and publish case studies, provide guidance to environmental programs, industrial facilities and other facilities as needed.

He reminded people to get their letters of support in this week so we can keep the center up and running.


 Next Call Thursday May 27th


Allen Gilliam said he would try to get the city of Fayetville to come in and discuss their pretreatment programs successes with P2.



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