Region 6 Teleconfterence



Participants were:

ADEQ: Audrey Miller

LDEQ: Clinton Twilley

Zero Waste Network: Thomas Vinson-Peng (minute taker)

EPA: Joy Campbell, Eli Martinez

Grants Q&A

Joy opened the meeting to discuss the current and future grants.  She explained the changes in names for the grants, dates and their purposes:

  • PPG – is the grant that was formerly known as the PPC grant.  It funds the states P2 programs.  There is usually around 1 million for our region.  The RFP is undergoing the review process
  • SR – This grant used to be called the set aside. There is about $100,000 available for our region. Applicants who do multi-regional projects can apply at the national level. 

Joy also mentioned that there are a lot of grants that are not strictly pollution prevention related.  She asked the participants if they wanted to continue to receive e-mails about these grants.  The participants all agreed there was value in seeking diversity in funding.

Thomas found a sustainability grant.

Action Items:

  • If anyone has information on this grant, beyond the RFP’s description please let him and/or Joy know.

P2 Case Studies and Compliance

Joy is looking for a series of case studies that she can use to illustrate how P2 works with compliance.  She wants to incorporate P2 into the compliance assistance plan.  She is asking all the P2 progrms to give examples of how the P2 addresses a regulatory issues.  An example would be a fleet that used P2 to go from SQG to CESQG.  LQG to CESQG would be even better. 

Action Items:

  • Please forward these studies to Joy, and cc: Thomas so he can include them in newsletters and case study databases.
  • You should also emphasize these in grant reports.


Thomas wants to begin a newsletter.  This is a common practice with P2Rx centers.  The initial thought is a monthly one pager.  We discussed having a “featured company” with a case study.  The newsletter should also have a calendar of events, announcements about new tools on the websites, and other articles of interest to the region. 

Action Items:

  • If anyone has an event,  company, article or announcement lease e-mail it to Joy. 
  • Be sure to cc: Thomas and say you want it in our newsletter. 

Minute taker note:  Shall we call it the P2 Wazoo?


Audrey mentioned that the Arkansas Watershed Advisory Group (AWAG) is holding its 2nd conference Sept. 9-11 in Little Rock.  The first day is set aside for field trips and the other two days will be for breakout sessions.  The breakout sessions will include information on watershed management, bmps, treating urban stormwater, etc. The first conference was excellent and had a good turnout. AWAG is out of the Environmental Preservation Division - my Division.  Do you think the P2 Rountable folks would be interested in this conference?  The cost for the whole thing is only $35.  I started to mention it yesterday, but I didn't because it is in September and the P2 Roundtable is held in November.

We discussed the QA/QC protocol.  Clinton said he would get an on-line form to us that had a fill in the blank form.  Thomas will look at this and see if it fits what we discussed at the Ok. Meeting.

The on-line form for the SAV follow up is still on the Zero Waste Networks to do list. 

Other News

Michelle Vattono is looking for examiners and judges for the Green Zia program.  This takes 40-60 hours over a two month period for examing applications, developing feedback reports.  Examiners are required to attend a two day training course April 27-28th

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