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Wood Available Listing (42 records found)
Sawdust, Wood Chips & Shavings     A 09/328     08- 384
Kitchen-cabinet manufacturing. 98% hardwoods. Potential use: as a fuel, filler, or agricultural product. Bulk, trailer loads. Sample available.
Material(s) Available in: Duncanville, TX
CONTACT: Mani Balakrishnan, 972/725-4381
Sawdust, Dry     A 09/446     08- 696
Non-toxic, manufactured from kiln dried wood. Presently 1,300 cu.yds. Continuous, 200 cu.yds/week, bulk, bags. Sample available. TX.
Material(s) Available in: TX
CONTACT: Sara K. Barnett, 903-586-3901
Pallets     A 09/1054     08- 1272
Have various quantities of pallets on a continuous basis. Sample available.
Material(s) Available in: TX
CONTACT: Lynn Dornack, 817-236-1008
Wood Chips, Colored Mulch     A 09/1126     08- 1344
Material generated from a recycling process. Potential or intended use: wood fuel, mulch. Presently 10,000 cu.yds. Variable, 2,000 cu.yds/quarter. Sample available. TX, LA, OK,
Material(s) Available in: TX
CONTACT: Pierre Morow, 281-448-1111
Oak, Pine and Fir Crates and Pallets     A 09/1413     08- 1632
40 yards/month of untreated oak, pine and fir crates and pallets available on a continuous basis. Most suitable for reuse. Houston, TX.
Material(s) Available in: TX
CONTACT: Gary Gernon, 713/551-7971
Pine Wood Pallets - Unserviceable     A 09/1533     08- 1752
100% wood pallets from material handling. May be used as fuel or compost. 75-100 pallets per month available on a continuous basis. No restrictions on amount.
Material(s) Available in: TX
CONTACT: Dennis Graham, 254/298-2922
Wood from Crates & Boxes     A 09/1574     08- 1793
Wood from crating and boxing of large components. Material is 95% wood with about 5% metal hardware. Present amount of 30 yards which will continue on a monthly basis. No restrictions on amount. Sample made available upon request.
Material(s) Available in: Not given, TX
CONTACT: Chuck Rolling, 817-777-6411
Wooden Directors Chairs     A 09/1646    
Wooden directors chairs with manufacturing defect, can not be re-sold. Wood has stain and light finish. Also has metal fasteners and cloth component. Good for fuel or cellulosic ethanol production.
Material(s) Available in: Dallas, TX
CONTACT: Bob Harris, 214-630-4298
Wooden Pallets     A 09/1660    
Miscellaneous sizes of wooden pallets. Hundreds per month.
Material(s) Available in: Vidor,
CONTACT: Steve Roane, 409-769-1940
Sawdust from Particle Board     A 09/1751    
This wood dust and chip is generated by cutting table and desk tops from particle boards. We have 25 tons and will continue to generate this quantity on a weekly basis.
Material(s) Available in: TX
CONTACT: Prakash Jathanna, 254-605-5533
Scrap wood and Sawdust available     A 09/1761    
I have a 40 yard dumpster of sawdust/shavings and a 40 yard dumpster of random wood scraps available.
Material(s) Available in: Sacramento, CA
CONTACT: Todd Williams, 916-381-4212
Various Wood Reels     A 09/1773    
We have various quantities of wooden reels available. Name your price (cash preferred) 56x40x32; 56x40x26; 60x30x40; 60x30x32; 48x24x24
Material(s) Available in: TX
CONTACT: LaVonda Thornton, 713-634-0523
wood cut-off and shavings     A 09/1824    
yellow pine and plywood cut-off from manufacturing plant. 2000 cubic yards a week. We also have lots of shavings and saw dust
Material(s) Available in: TX
Saw Dust and Wood Chips     A 09/1846    
Selling Saw Dust and Wood Chips. Great Low Pricing!
Material(s) Available in: Houston, TX
CONTACT: Joely, 8326385053
Wood Pallets     A 09/1945    
Wooden pallets for reuse or chipping.
Material(s) Available in: Tomball, TX
CONTACT: Buddy Jennings, 281-351-4547
Wood Pallets     A 09/2015    
Wood pallets available.
Material(s) Available in: San Marcos, TX
CONTACT: Zoe Trieff, 512-754-3136
used pallets     A 09/2039    
used pallets all sizes cheap as 1.99 each
Material(s) Available in: houston, TX
CONTACT: lupe sanchez, 713 398 2427
Wooden Pallets / Crates & Misc. Wood Debris     A 09/2083    
Various sizes of wooden pallets, in varying degree of recyclability. Wire-Bound Crates do have a wooden pallet as the base, and have 3  4 wire strands on the crate portion. Misc. Wood Debris includes, but is not limited to, particle board, medium density fiber board, OSB, raggle sticks. These are made up with various types of wood, would be excellent for mulch or wood fuel. Steady supply available.
Material(s) Available in: Tyler, TX
CONTACT: Patricia Scarborough, 903-882-2024
1/2" Round Chinese Plywood     A 09/2140    
42" Round with 5" hole in middle
Material(s) Available in: Houston & TN. , TX
CONTACT: Robert Payne, 817-349-4903
Scrap wood from shipping containers     A 09/2147    
Scrap wood generated from received shipping containers. Contains plywood, 2x4, 4x4, 6x6, 12x12 plus larger pieces. Contains some metal from nails/screws/bolts. Continuious availability
Material(s) Available in: Round Rock, TX
CONTACT: Bradley Prais, 512-218-7452
Wood Chips     A 09/2159    
Wood chips, mulch, logs, composted wood chips.
Material(s) Available in: Fort Worth, TX,
CONTACT: Danielle Tucker, 817-540-2777
Email: danielletucker@earthhaulers,com
Good wooden pallets     A 09/2186    
Good wooden pallets available. 3,000-5,000 during November 2010. Quanities avaiable on continuous basis.
Material(s) Available in: TX
CONTACT: Bradford Duda, 361-584-6648
Scrap untreaded lumber     A 09/2432    
Very large pallets 4" x 10" and bigger made of untreated lumber. pallets are made with 4" x 4", 2" x 4" & 1" x 4" pieces.
Material(s) Available in: Temple , TX
CONTACT: Jerry R. Lesikar, 254-774-9800
Scrap Laminated Particle Board Pieces     A 09/2433    
Small pieces of scrap laminated particle borad.
Material(s) Available in: Temple, TX
CONTACT: Jerry R. Lesikar, 254-774-9800
Cedar Wood Fiber     A 09/2434    
Cedar fiber with some cedar sticks, scraps. Roughly 60--48 ft trailer loads available. FREE you pick up!
Material(s) Available in: Hot Springs, AR
CONTACT: Shannon Massey, 501-262-2300
wooden wire spools     A 09/2223    
empty wooden spools 29.5 x 17.75 x 10 inner dia 53.5 x 28 x 24 inner dia
Material(s) Available in: Farmers Branch, TX
CONTACT: Michael Strawn, 972-247-8910
Eastern Red Cedar Mulch     A 09/2224    
Natural Eastern Red Cedar Mulch and biomass chips.
Material(s) Available in: OK
CONTACT: Nathan Lillie, 580-650-8111
Large nailed wood reels     A 09/2235    
I have an unlimited supply of sonoco made large nailed wooden reels. All are grade a as good as new the sizes vary from 24 inch to 59 inch.
Material(s) Available in: Salt Lake City Utah, UT
CONTACT: Greg Barber, 801-628-2194
Wood pallets     A 09/2265    
Used pallets.....20 to 30 ea. free for the taking
Material(s) Available in: Altus, OK
CONTACT: Karen Downing, 580-477-3067
Shredded C&D Waste Wood     A 09/2273    
Mixed shredded C&D waste wood. 95% 2" minus. Has been run through a magnet to remove all nails and screws.
Material(s) Available in: Tulsa, OK
CONTACT: Chris Smithey, 918-245-1070
Nailed wood reels     A 09/2320    
Empty nailed wood reels. Sizes are 25" to 48" All in good condition
Material(s) Available in: Katy (Houston), TX
CONTACT: Ron Franklin, 832-563-8488
saw dust     A 09/2373    
Material(s) Available in: Houston, TX
CONTACT: David Eng, 713-270-1888
Plywood and lumber     A 09/2398    
The lumber scraps are clean, without any chemicals or paints and have been heat treated. They consist of Southern Yellow Pine with a small amount of Poplar. The plywood consists of the same materials, but are held together with a resin glue.
Material(s) Available in: Coppell, TX
CONTACT: Brittney Haptonstall, 469-444-5290
Crates- Rugged Wooden- some with metal frames     A 09/2558    
Wooden Crates in useable, good condition. *43" wide x 43" across x 25"deep and 40" wide x 20" across x 20"deep both with wooden floor, walls and supports. Designed with channels for forklift to lift from below deck similar to a pallet. These crates were used for shipping internationally and are RUGGED.
Material(s) Available in: Conroe, TX
Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
Wooden Crates & Pallets     A 09/2559    
Crates- 43" x 43" x 25" high- 120/month. Standard wooden pallets 48" x 48"- partially damaged- 20/month.
Material(s) Available in: Conroe, TX
Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
Wooden cable reels     A 09/2563    
Various sizes, several locations but mostly in TN and KY. Very cheap.
Material(s) Available in: Middlesboro, KS
Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
Wood Chips and broken Wood Pallets     A 09/2512    
Broken Plain Wood and Chep Pallets and Wood chips
Material(s) Available in: Dallas, TX
CONTACT: Edgar Vasquez, 214-654-4174
Wine Corks     A 09/2522    
Natural wine corks from consumer retail collection program. Less than 1% contaminants by weight. Shipments will be in the range of 15,000-20,000 lbs with 2-3 shipments per year. Sample available upon request. Material offered for free, costs for transport or sorting are negotiable.
Material(s) Available in: Houston, TX
CONTACT: Bob Vos, 323-255-9178
Wood pallets     A 09/2610    
Wood pallets received from supply shipments. In good condition.
Material(s) Available in: Austin, TX
Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
Wood pallets     A 09/2689    
various sizes of wood pallets available weekly. free for use.
Material(s) Available in: San Antonio, TX
CONTACT: John Legros, 210-531-4118
Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF)     A 09/2696    
Material(s) Available in: UNIVERSAL CITY, TX
CONTACT: Joseph Gough, 210-698-8500
Wood Pallets / Scrap Wood     A 09/2706    
Multiple facilities generate wood pallets and scrap wood. Must go in 40-yd rolloff boxes. Currently, picked up 3 days per week.
Material(s) Available in: Houston, TX
Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program

Renew Disclaimer

It is the legal responsibility of each party to determine whether a listed material is a hazardous waste or a hazardous material. Hazardous wastes must be managed in accordance with all relevant hazardous waste regulations and laws. RENEW is not responsible for the determination of what may constitute a hazardous material or hazardous waste or create a hazardous situation. RENEW reserves the right not to list a material, to delist a material, or edit information provided by the listing party.

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