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Glass Available Listing (11 records found)
Glass     A 17/863     08- 1080
Color-mixed, processed glass aggregate. Genenerated from the sorting of commingled materials picked up from City of Austin's curbside recycling program. Contaminants: Approx. 5% includes paper and caps. Potential or intended use: construction aggregrate such as gravel base, shoulder ballast, gravel backfill for pipe bedding, French drains, drainage layer in plant beds, decorative mulch, etc. Presently 30 tons. Continuously, 350-400 tons/monthly. Sample available. Austin, TX E-mail:
Material(s) Available in: TX
CONTACT: Amy Slagle, 512-974-4302
Oil Cullet     A 17/1392     08- 1611
Multi-colored oily glass generated from glass production. 400 tons currently available, with 100 tons per month available on a continuous basis. Shreveport, LA. Email:
Material(s) Available in: LA
CONTACT: Lacey A. Blalock, 318/621-0298
Glass Bead     A 17/1718    
Number 8 glass bead used in metal finishing. Material is used in"one pass system" Non-hazardous. TCLP on file and available upon request. Material is in excellent condition, with much use left in it. 1400 lbs available on a monthly basis. 2800 lbs on hand now. This material is available now. The company currently recieving this material cannot use the volume we produce.
Material(s) Available in: Houston, Texas, TX
CONTACT: Bart Binegar, 800-499-3633
none     A 17/1738    
Material(s) Available in: Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
CONTACT: Ryan Spicer, 972-973-5579
Bottles & Beverage Containers     A 17/1752     08- 1901
Collect about 300 gallons by volume of used containers every 2 weeks.
Material(s) Available in: Austin, TX
CONTACT: Emily Potts, 512-471-1098
Glass Beads - Granular     A 17/1857    
Generated from the refinishing of metal plates. Whitish dust, some residual metals, RCRA non-hazardous. Potential or intended use: filler. 15,000 lbs continuous. Sample,MSDS,lab and independent analysis available.
Material(s) Available in: Temple, TX
CONTACT: Todd Hyer, 254-207-6318
Beer bottle glass     A 17/2078    
Green, gray, Brown powder, fine and corse glass.
Material(s) Available in: Hilliard, OH
CONTACT: Charles E. Studebaker, 614-562-6833
Ballotini Impact Beads     A 17/2125    
Waste ballotini impact beads (glass) used in the rubber curing process of extruded rubber. These beads have some small rubber mixed with them as well as some water residue from the wash tank (not soaked). The waste beads are put back into the 2,000 lb lined, corrugated container they were shipped to us from the manufacturer. You must be able to pay freight costs. I can send samples on request, please email me.
Material(s) Available in: Frederick, OK
CONTACT: Laura Stout, 580-335-6208
Lamp Glass     A 17/2136    
The broken glass from the recycling process of fluorescent lamps
Material(s) Available in: Fort Worth, TX
CONTACT: Chris York, 972-342-8810
Email: cyork@universalrecyclers,com
Brown glass bottles     A 17/2609    
4L brown glass bottles that previously held chemical reagents. Bottles have been tripled rinsed.
Material(s) Available in: Austin, TX
Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
Scrap Glass     A 17/2708    
Uni-colored scrap glass prior to fiberglass insulation manufacturing (a mixture of glass cullet, marbles, chicklets, primary fines, and dust). Material is not hazardous. Excellent for glass recycling plants.
Material(s) Available in: Cleburne, TX
CONTACT: Ricardo Santos, 817-556-6659

Renew Disclaimer

It is the legal responsibility of each party to determine whether a listed material is a hazardous waste or a hazardous material. Hazardous wastes must be managed in accordance with all relevant hazardous waste regulations and laws. RENEW is not responsible for the determination of what may constitute a hazardous material or hazardous waste or create a hazardous situation. RENEW reserves the right not to list a material, to delist a material, or edit information provided by the listing party.

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