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Year Submitted: 2008

Process: Facility Lighting/HVAC

Industry: Distribution

Wastes Reduced: SO2, CO2, NOx as well as significant energy efficiency savings

Equipment: HVAC

Location: Forth Worth TX

No. of employees: 45

Contact: Brian Hoffmann

Phone: 817-595-5995


It was essential that we increased our bottom line due to the escalating costs of power, transportation and key raw materials.   When we learned of the elegantly simple patented technology of the PaceController, we could hit three home runs with a single project. We did just that, we reduced costs, reduced harmful air emissions and reduced our use of power while maintaining all performance parameters essential to safe and efficient operation. As an added bonus the installation was a simple retrofit and did not require major capital investments in new equipment.

P2 Application:

The technology we chose to use was the Pace2 Controller (, provided by CAF Energy Inc. The Pace2 is an energy-saving device that easily installs as a simple retrofit on existing HVACR (heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration and boiler) equipment to establish optimal run times for compressors and burner units. The device allows the equipment to operate at maximum efficiency without setting back thermostats or turning off appliances in an arbitrary manner. The simple retrofit of the PaceController allowed us to reduce power usage by over 34% with huge reductions in pollution, reduced power usage and huge savings in both dollars and emissions.

  • Total Cost Savings: $20,216.00
  • Comments: Saving are annually for a 100 ton system running 16 hours per day.

Details of Reductions

  • 551.0 - lbs of   SO2
  • 259,000.0 - lbs of   CO2
  • 404.0 - lbs of   NOx

  • Comments: 183,790 KWh of energy for a savings of $20,216 annually from a 100 tons system with an estimated run time of 16 hours per day.

Additional Information :

CE-DFW Inc is a Warehouse Solutions full line sales, service and repair company offering expert solutions for virtually everything in, or and around the warehouse. Offering service - for us, this means more than just maintenance and spare parts. Our quality and expertise are both important aspects of helping the client to achieve minimum down time and optimize operating costs. In this way our service becomes an important part of client profitability. CE- DFW also assists clients in making their operations continue in a more efficient manner by providing proven energy and pollution saving technologies like those offered to us by CAF Energy Inc. The reductions were calculated by a 3d party PE using the Energy Calculator of the Energy Systems Laboratory of Texas A&M. The specific installation was at a warehouse facility that requires maintenance of a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Failure to maintain the temperature would result in the loss of thousands upon thousands of dollars in productivity and inventory. Candidly the risk of loss was greater than the initial desire for energy savings. However after reviewing countless case studies and independent professional reviews we were convinced that we could safely retrofit the facility and maintain operations within all manufacturer and client specifications. This data presented was on our Beta test unit. Imagine the impact when the Pace2 Controller is installed in just 10% of our buildings across the State! If all this sounds too good to be true, you're probably thinking the catch is in the price, but the Pace2 brings a return on investment in less than a year in most of the installed applications in Texas that we are aware of.   We were offered a lease plan for our Pace2 Controller through a local bank that was introduced to us by CAF Energy Inc of Keller, Texas who is the exclusive Texas distributor of the Pace2 Controller.

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