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Domino's Pizza

Year Submitted: 2009

Process: Facilty Lighting/HVAC

Industry: Food/Beverage Manufacturing

Wastes Reduced: Electricity

Location: San Antonio TX

No. of employees: 480

Contact: Mike Bernal, Director of Operations

Phone: 210-651-6663


Domino's and its franchisees such as our firm have been "Green Minded" for many years.  We feel it is our responsibility to be good stewards of the environment.  We wanted to reduce pollution as well as saving on electric costs while doing so. We choose to do our part to reduce pollutants through reduced energy usage. It is essential that all businesses prove to their shareholders that the bottom line will be increased by energy efficiency with documentable improvements to the environment.

This case study is for South Texas Pizza Inc, doing business as Domino's.

P2 Application:

The annual reduction from 48 of our stores of 1.21 million pounds of CO2, 2,580 pounds of SO2 and 1,892 pounds of NOx (Source: EPA Power Profiler) is a direct result of the installation of an  HVAC controller on each Domino's facility air conditioner. The controller is simply installed in a matter of minutes on air conditioning systems and immediate energy reductions are realized. Which in our case is in excess of twenty one percent (21%) for an annual savings of $156,863. The return on investment of the projects is under one (1) year. This is phase one of a 140+ store project.

  • Total Cost Savings: $156,863.00
  • Comments: The extrapolated seven (7) year annual savings based on a realistic $.14 per kWh without factoring in future rate increases is $1,098,041. A total of 8,477,000 pounds of CO2, 18,060 pounds of SO2 and 13,244 pounds of NOx pollutants will be removed from our atmosphere. South Texas Pizza Inc DBA Dominos is proud to do its part to clean up the environment.

Details of Reductions

  • 1,211,000.0 - lbs of   CO2
    Comments: The unit is pounds per year. Total annual savings for CO2, SO2, and NOx combined = $156,863.00
  • 2,580.0 - lbs of   SO2
    Comments: The unit is pounds per year. Total annual savings for CO2, SO2, and NOx combined = $156,863.00
  • 1,892.0 - Pounds/year of   NOx
    Comments: total savings with CO2, SO2, and NOx reductions =$156,863.00

Additional Information :

The energy savings reports were initially provided to us after extensive certified data logging was completed. The monetary savings are backed up by the monthly billings.

Source: TCEQ
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