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"Green Up West Yellowstone

Year Submitted: 2010

Process: Recycling

Industry: Non-Profit

Wastes Reduced: Solid Waste

Location: West Yellowstone MT

Contact: Jack Clarkson

Phone: (406) 646-9328


Green Up West Yellowstone is a partnership between the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce, residents, and local business owners. The program is an ongoing educational effort focused on local sustainability issues.

P2 Application:

Participants have succeeded in obtaining recycling bins donated by PepsiCo and placing them at various locations within the city limits. The local grocery stores provide shoppers with the option of using cloth bags. Westmart Building Center collects grease refuse from the local Arbys and McDonalds restaurants and turns it into biofuel which is used in their fleet of vehicles. Efforts are also focused on educating local hoteliers about sustainable steps they can take in reducing the carbon footprint of their businesses. A brochure was created which provided information on hazardous waste disposal. During the 4th Tuesday of each month in the fall and winter, a seminar is held which features experts on sustainability issues. Business owners also use these meetings to share their ideas and successes with the green program.

Details of Reductions

Additional Information :

Program Budget: None; all efforts are carried out through volunteers and donations. Barriers encountered: Lack of knowledge on behalf of residents. West Yellowstone has also encountered difficulties in finding a market for glass recycling. Program Strength: People are very involved and act as good broadcasters for sustainable practices. Suggestions: Get rid of all disposable plastic bags in grocery stores.

Source: Peaks to Praries

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