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Richland College

Year Submitted: 2010

Process: Energy Reduction

Industry: Colleges and Universities

Wastes Reduced: Emissions from electricity generation

Location: Dallas TX

Contact: Sonny McDonald

Phone: 972-238-6167


Richland College offers numerous night classes for folks who commute and work during the day. Powering the campus late into the night was expensive. We coordinated with the applicable instructors and administrative personnel to consolidate all night classes into a single building instead of having them scattered all throughout the campus requiring all buildings to be powered.

P2 Application:

By condensing all night classes into a single building, we were able to power down in the remaining buildings, saving an enormous amount of energy as a result of reduced lighting and heating/cooling requirements. This will be increasingly valuable as the campus continues to grow in size and enrollment.

  • Total Cost Savings: $324,417.00

Details of Reductions

  • 1,361,656.0 - kWhr of   Electricity
    Comments: From '07-08 to '08-09 school years.
  • 3,905.2 - of   Natural Gas
    Comments: units = mcf, numbers from '07-08 to '08-09 school years

Additional Information :

Three-Year Utilities Operating Costs:
2006-07 - $1,114,487 / 1.81 cents/ft2
2007-08 - $1,151,027 / 1.82 cents/ft2
2008-09 - $903,925 / 1.47 cents/ft2
Natural Gas
2006-07 - $146,031 / 0.231 cents/ft2
2007-08 - $142,376 / 0.225 cents/ft2
2008-09 - $65,061 / 0.103 cents/ft2
* A year = September 1st thru August 31st
** Gross Square Footage used: 632,827

Source: TCEQ

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