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Richland College

Year Submitted: 2010

Process: Recycling

Industry: Colleges and Universities

Wastes Reduced: Solid Waste

Location: Dalllas TX

Contact: Sonny McDonald

Phone: 972-238-6167


Colleges and Universities generate a very large amount of non-hazardous solid waste. We've achieved reductions in non-hazardous waste destined for the landfill primarily through recycling.

P2 Application:

We require contractors to recycle their waste instead of throwing it away. For instance, the new science building generated 2442.53 tons of waste. About 91.5 %, or 2,234.92 tons, was recycled. (1,178.84 tons concrete, 121.6 tons metal, 12.24 tons cardboard, 187.82 tons wood, 194.42 tons fill material from construction activities) The college implemented a policy that no fill material leaves the campus, even during construction projects. It's used to build berms to add beauty, serve as a noise barrier from the busy streets and reduce energy usage by blocking winter winds. We've increased the intensity of the campus' general recycling program by adding more collection areas, adding more awareness posters, advertising the program on the website and increasing the types of items accepted.

Details of Reductions

  • 2,234.9 - ton of   Solid Waste

Additional Information :

Richland College participates in Recyclemania (, a competitive program that includes an estimated 600 campuses nationwide. Each campus attempts to divert as much waste as possible from landfills over a 10 week period. This event provides the campus a mechanism to demonstrate nationally, among their peers, their successes that are realized year-round. During Recyclemania, recyclable materials are gathered daily from classrooms and offices and place din 200-lb totes located on each floor of each building. The paper/plastic/cans from our satellite recycling centers around the campus are collected and weighed at the campus main recycling collection point. We generate a weekly report of the total amount recycled based on the number of totes from classroom/offices and weight of material gathered at satellite collection points. We keep track of how much solid waste goes to the landfill based on an average weight for each dumpster when full, markings which help estimate how full a dumpster is and a Recyclemania-approved volume-to-weight conversion factor. The weight of recycled and landfilled material is tracked weekly.

Source: TCEQ
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