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City of Richmond

Year Submitted: 2016

Process: Waste Reduction

Industry: Government Agency-Includes Military

Location: Richmond VA

Contact: Alicia Zatcoff


The 2015 UCI Road World Championships (Worlds) was held in Richmond, Virginia Sept. 19-27, 2015. The Worlds is one of cyclings pinnacle events and is held annually in an international city chosen by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) through a competitive bidding process.

The City of Richmond began planning over a year in advance of the event, and championed the effort to make the 2015 UCI Road World Championships a sustainable event with support from Richmond 2015, Virginia Green Travel Alliance (VGTA) and many city departments, event sponsors and community partners. The focus of sustainability activities concentrated on four key areas: waste reduction, emissions reduction, emissions, being healthy, and leaving a positive legacy.

The event directors used a systems approach in sustainability planning that the implementation of the event activities with an eye forward, to help build capacity to enhance the sustainability of future events and festivals, and the community and the Citys sustainability Plan.

P2 Application:

Waste Diversion - A comprehensive waste management plan included compost, commingled recycling and food resources, used eco-stations with bins for compost, recycling and trash, educational labels and banners, flags for visibility of eco-stations, and supplies for green team volunteers to sort materials into the correct bins.  The plan also set performance /expectations for contractors and vendors, such as collecting packaging and cooking grease for diversion, and providing compostable dishes and silverware.

Other Efforts

  • The Department of Public Utilities provided nine water refill stations, greatly reducing single-use bottle waste.
  • To reduce printing and paper use, an event app was created with event details and information, and all event communications and marketing conducted electronically to minimize printed material
  • Registration was 100% online for athletes and volunteers
  • The city encouraged suppliers and vendors to avoid give-away items at event
  • Sold 10,000 reusable beer cups in beer gardens to minimize one-time-use plastic beer cups
  • Food recovery for local charities.
  • Established a successful group to recruit, train and deploy green volunteers for the event.

Reducing Emissions - The city purchased renewable energy credits from the City of Richmond Sustainability Office to offset carbon emissions resulting from the event They provided event shuttles, and bike valets.

Healthy Promotions and Positive Legacy - These efforts included educational activities for attendees, healthier foods, community outreach, community cleanups, and permanent infrastructure improvements. They also produced a green event toolkit from their learnings and lessons along the way.

Details of Reductions

  • 14,000.0 - lbs of   Solid Waste
    Comments: 500 pounds of avoided plastic waste by offering reusable beer cups100% of the carbon footprint from event operations was offset by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

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