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Amoco Chemical Company

Year Submitted: 2003

Process: Polymer Manufacturing

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing

Wastes Reduced: emissions, wastewater,solid waste

Substance: Polypropylene

Location: Chocolate Bayou, Alvin TX

No. of employees: 800

Contact: Brian Dinsmoor

Phone: (713) 581-3100


Amoco has designed a state of the art gas phase polypropylene unit which offers significant benefits over older existing technology. The unit was put into operation in 1992 and in 1993 had its first full year of operation. As compared to existing units, its emissions (particulate and VOC) are 740 pounds per million pounds of production a decrease of 15% from existing gas phase technology. In addition, there is virtually no solid or hazardous wastes (with exception of general refuse and scrap which is recycled) and no routine process wastewater generated from the unit. Applicable parts of this new technology are being adapted to Amoco's existing polypropylene plants and we are achieving emissions reductions from these facilities to the environment as well.

P2 Application:

The new technology used in this process was specifically designed to minimize or eliminate environmental impacts.

Environmental Benefits:

There are significant reductions in air emissions on a production basis (>15%), virtual elimination of process wastewater, and essentially no industrial solid waste generated from the plant. The technology is being adopted as applicable to existing process units. It has been a very effective pollution prevention project.

Details of Reductions

Source: TCEQ

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