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Alpha Omega Recycling, Inc.

Year Submitted: 2003

Process: Filtration

Industry: Metal Recycling

Wastes Reduced: Hazardous Waste

Substance: Chromic Acid

Location: Longview TX

No. of employees: 26

Contact: Wayne Wilson

Phone: (903) 297-7272


Surplus, spent, and waste chromic acid are typically disposed of through deep well injection or stabilization/landfill. Until recently, Alpha Omega Recycling accepted this material in small quantities and recovered the metals using costly reagents and time consuming processes. In 1995, equipment was installed to shorten the processing time, but expensive reagents were still required. Recently, waste, off-spec, and surplus materials have been used successfully to recycle the contained metals and eliminate a very toxic hazardous waste disposal problem.

P2 Application:

Waste chromic acid solution usually contains several metals other than chromium. These metals are removed by simple neutralization and filtration leaving a pure sodium chromate solution. At this point, waste, off-spec, and surplus acids, along with scrap iron materials are used to reduce the chrome to the trivalent state. After neutralization, the resulting ferro-chromium solid is marketable for use in the steel industry. The need for this service is so great that dedicated equipment is being installed to increase capacity.

Environmental Benefits:

Since waste chromic acid solutions are extremely toxic, and land disposal by stabilization or deep well injection is not a long-term solution, the process is an environmentally sound alternative. By reusing the chromium, a very serious threat to the environment is eliminated. At the same time, scrap iron and waste acids are consumed in the process.

Details of Reductions

Additional Information :

The program is cost competitive with other disposal methods and will continue to provide a sound recycling venue for waste chromic acid for many years.

Source: TCEQ

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