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Millennium Petrochemicals, Inc.

Year Submitted: 2003

Process: Process analysis

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing

Wastes Reduced: Chemicals, Process

Substance: QA/QC Samples

Equipment: Small Sample Containers

Location: La Porte TX

No. of employees: 1100

Contact: K.M. Holmes

Phone: (713) 209-7157


Excess process and out-of-date shipment retain sample size containers are emptied into a large container and taken to the production facility’s hazardous waste incinerator for treatment with the sample containers being disposed via landfill. (It is not cost effective or analytically appropriate to clean and reuse sample containers due to high purity of products produced.)The sample size requirements were reviewed by the plant laboratory personnel. It was found that substantially smaller samples could be used to perform the required analyses. The use of smaller sample containers was initiated.

Environmental Benefits:

The sample bottle size reduction resulted in reduced landfill disposal requirements (24 cubic yards) and 7,400 pounds less material requiring on-site incineration.

Details of Reductions

Additional Information :

The estimated annual savings associated with this project from incinerator operating costs, landfill costs, recovered product, and decreased labor are $11,200.

Source: TCEQ

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