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XeTel Corporation

Year Submitted: 2003

Process: Circuit Board Cleaning

Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

Wastes Reduced: CFC's

Substance: Freon-113

Equipment: Semi-Aqueous Cleaner

Location: Austin TX

No. of employees: 500

Contact: Ruben Castillo

Phone: (512) 834-2266


XeTel Corporation ceased using Freon 113 and began utilization of a Semi-Aqueous cleaning process using a solvent called Axarel 32. XeTel Corporation purchased the Semi-Aqueous cleaning machine manufactured by Corpane. The Semi-Aqueous system uses a decantation process where the solvent and water separate enabling the solvent to be used repeatedly until specific gravity readings render the chemical unusable and at which point becomes spent chemical.

P2 Application:

The project addresses a high priority environmental need as it addresses mandated CFC chemical or process substitution. This process can be applied to other industries where soldering processes are used with resulting residue which would then need to be cleaned.

Environmental Benefits:

XeTel has eliminated CFC emissions by source reduction. From a solid waste perspective, the change from Freon 113 to Axarel 32 solvent also resulted in a change from a hazardous waste stream to a nonhazardous waste stream. Nineteen drums of waste Freon 113 were shipped in 1992 versus eight drums of waste Axarel 32 shipped in 1994. Converting from the Freon 113 based cleaning system, XeTel eliminated the waste stream and the large quantity of associated waste. This in turn enabled XeTel Corporation to change its generator status from Large Quantity Generator to Small Quantity Generator. The elimination of Freon 113 resulted in a reduction of 4.8 tons of hazardous waste disposal per year and 26.5 tons of TRI releases per year.

Details of Reductions

Additional Information :

From a raw material cost perspective, the cost of a drum of Axarel 32 was almost half that of Freon 113. Fifty-five gallons of Freon 113 was $3,575.00 versus $1,495.00 for Axarel 32. Freon consumption costs from January to April 1993 were $50,050.00. Axarel 32 consumption costs from May to August 1993 were $13,460.00. Coupled with the reuse capability of Axarel 32, savings in raw material alone were $36,590.00 for a given four month period. The cost of the Corpane Semi-Aqueous cleaner and associated procurement and installation costs were $185,705.00. Process expenditures include water usage and Axarel 32 cleaning solvent costs.

Source: TCEQ
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