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H.E. Butt Grocery Co.

Year Submitted: 2003

Process: Distillation

Industry: Food/Beverage Manufacturing

Wastes Reduced: Solvent

Equipment: Part Washer

Location: San Antonio TX

No. of employees: 45000

Contact: Tommy Johns

Phone: (210) 938-5628


With the installation of the Valvoline SYSTEM-ONE parts washer with distillation unit, HEB fleet maintenance was able to totally eliminate the hazardous waste stream of parts washer solvent. The system uses a high flash solvent (>140 degrees Fahrenheit) that does not contain any carcinogens or any listed material.The process uses a 30-gallon system that separates contaminated solvent from clean solvent. With only a four minute downtime, the operator is able to flush the five gallons of used solvent into the vacuum distillation unit and begin the recycling process, while at the same time replenish the five gallons of used solvent with clean solvent. The distillation process takes about six hours; however, you are able to use the parts washer in only four minutes. After the unit has completed the distillation of the solvent, the operator is able to dump the still bottoms into the waste oil, which is then recycled. Pure solvent is always readily available on demand without the need to wait for periodic deliveries and hazardous waste disposal services.

P2 Application:

The system eliminates waste recovery services and could avoid classification as a waste generator. It also eliminates potential liabilities for improper handling, storage, and transportation of waste material. SYSTEM-ONE is a totally enclosed treatment that separates solvents from oil and other impurities. The resultant residue meets the regulatory definition of used oil under 40 CFR 260.10 and may be managed as a used oil and is exempt from hazardous waste disposal regulation. But remember, the responsibility for proper chemical management rests with the user. The user must ensure that the solvent is never contaminated with a hazardous material or waste.

Environmental Benefits:

This system will allow HEB to eliminate a large hazardous waste stream. The new solvent does not exhibit any characteristics of hazardous waste therefore eliminating a hazardous waste stream into the environment.

Details of Reductions

Additional Information :

The system will save $49,000 in service and disposal costs over a period of 60 months.  The elimination of the hazardous waste stream will keep some of our sites Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator.

Source: TCEQ
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