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Atlas Copco

Year Submitted: 2006

Process: Paint Coating

Industry: Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Wastes Reduced: Paint Waste

Location: Garland TX

Contact: TMAC

Phone: 800-625-4876


Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of drilling equipment and consumables for surface mining and construction, with a manufacturing facility in Garland, Texas. For people working at Atlas Copco, care for the environment has always been part of the company culture. In addition to implementing environmental management systems in over 82% of all of its operations, environmental concerns are given a high priority in their product development. Atlas Copco's understands that a product has a greater impact on the environment over its useful life than from its manufacture alone. To contribute to a better working environment for their customers, their product development makes environmental aspects an integral part of the process.

P2 Application:

In March of 2005, Atlas Copco began its efforts to implement ISO 14000:2004 EMS and combine it with their ISO 9000 program. With the help of the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center, Atlas began the task by training more than 600 employees and contractors to help them understand how each person played a role in reducing the impact on the environment.

  • Total Cost Savings: $300,000.00
  • Comments: Savings from Implementing the EMS.

Details of Reductions

  • Paint Waste
    Comments: 10% Reduction of Paint Related Waste
  • Compressed Air Use

Additional Information :

Jim Fini, the Supplier Manager, saw the success of the EMS program internally and decided that sharing the lessons learned from the EMS program with their suppliers would make a home run for everyone. Over 120 suppliers were invited to attend an EMS workshop hosted by Atlas Copco . TMAC trained 86 attendees on how to begin the process of identifying aspects (the things that can impact the environment) within their facility. One month later, 46 of the suppliers that had taken action had reported more than $300,000 of combined savings. Many others have taken the first step of taking a walkthrough tour of their facility and property boundaries to identify the saving opportunities addressed in the training workshops. Attendees left the workshop ready to bat, with documentation examples, best practice case studies, compliance checklists and aspect ranking and gap analyst tools.

Source: TMAC
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