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Benefits For Your Facility

Publication of your success story on our website is free, third-party publicity. It tells the public, investors and other interested parties that you are proactively addressing environmental issues. We promote your successes through:

  • Workshops and presentations
  • Publications
  • Reports to state and federal legislatures

Companies that submit case studies are often nominated for prestigous awards. Also, we often see opportunities for additional savings when we help you develop a case study.

Benefits for Others

Sharing your success story allows us to demonstrate the effectiveness of pollution prevention to:

  • Elected officials who may consider alternatives to more burdensome regulations.
  • Facilities who may be looking for ways to reduce their waste and save money.

Success stories are one of the best tools we have to encourage voluntary reductions from facilities and adoption of voluntary programs as an alternative to burdensome regulation.

Submission of Success Stories

To sumbit your success story, click Proceed below and complete the forms which follow. Success stories may include source reduction, energy and water conservation, recycling, waste exchange, reuse, reclamation, or treatment. We review your story and may request to make minor changes, but our goal is to present your story in your words. Upon approval, your story will be included in our Web site at: , which is searchable by waste, substance, industry, process, and equipment.

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